Hi there, I am Taylor!

A little background on me, and my small business..

I am the type of individual who wears many different hats and outfits throughout the week. I am a mother to two busy little ones. I am a wife to my husband of two years. I am a health care worker, where I take care of individuals I absolutely adore. I spend most of my days in motherhood, drinking iced coffee, learning new ways of the photography industry, and spending time outdoors.

In December of 2021, I decided to obtain my business license to further my passion for photography. I have always enjoyed taking photos of my friends, family, and various places I've had the chance to visit. I remember when I was about fifteen, I was so excited when I saved up enough money for my first Nikon camera. As life went on, I was known as the friend who was always taking photographs of everyone around me. Whether that was with a camera or a phone, I don't think I ever really stopped! Despite enjoying living in the moments around us, sometimes I really do treasure having the possibility to look back on previous moments in life with a smile to match.

Here at Taylor Dawe Photography, I am committed to capturing some of your most treasured moments. Your experience will be a pleasant one, I promise!

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